Are you struggling to manage big feelings and/or cope with behaviours at home/with the children you work with? Connection is what we need. Behaviour management is not about children – it’s about the adults & this course will empower you to manage behaviours more effectively. When we are attuned, soothed and regulated ourselves, we can then help to regulate a dysregulated child.

This course will look at a no shame, no blame approach that focuses on responding and attuning to the child’s needs. All behaviour is communication. What feelings are driving that behaviour? I will discuss brain states of arousal & what happens when a child “flips their lid” or is in fight/flight/freeze mode. When we understand what is happening, we are better able to reframe our own thinking and respond more effectively. This course is about being good enough  – about striving to connect positively with the child/children in your life.

I will outline ways in which we, as parents/carers/educators, can respond to the behaviour, rather than react. I will discuss the importance of self-care, connection and co-regulation. I will give advice and tools you can use to build consistent boundaries and give a feeling of safety and trust, so the children can thrive in their environment.

The models discussed are backed by research and neuroscience and informed by my on-going training with the Children’s Therapy Centre and my own personal experience. I will give ideas for supporting regulation, limit setting and positive discipline, so that you can establish & maintain safe connections, that will help your child/children flourish.

The tools and advice given have been tried and tested by me, as a mother, teacher, play therapist and trainee psychotherapist. A similar webinar has been very well received by both teachers and SNA’s with Education Centres nationwide.

Most suited to early years educators & parents/carers of children up to Age 12/Primary School.

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