Play Therapy

Birds fly, fish swim and children play” (Gary Landreth). Play therapy helps children with a range of different presenting issues e.g. house move, school refusal, anxiety, management of big feelings, children with additional needs etc. Instead of talking about events, which may be very difficult and not developmentally appropriate, the child can use play to communicate at their own level and pace. 

Play therapy helps children work through emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and help to address problems within the family or home system. I use the medium of play to the help the child to learn ways to express their feelings, explore their world and be accepted for who they are. I am an integrative therapist and use a range of different modalities within my practice. I generally work with children age between 3 and 12 years for play therapy. Parent Support is an integral element of my practice.

If you are looking for a play therapist/psychotherapist in your area, go to the IAPTP website for further information


I am a fourth year student with the Children’s Therapy Centre. I also provide psychotherapy for adolescents. I use play and creative methods to help clients who have experienced complex life events, loss, trauma or abuse, among other presenting issues. Parent Support is an integral element of my practice.

Parent Consultations and Support

Parenthood is hard and everyone’s journey is unique. In parent consultations, my aim is to empower you on your parenting journey and help you to cope and manage behaviours and difficulties within your lives. I provide helpful advice, tips, resources and support. Parent support is tailored specifically to suit your needs.